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  • Industrial Robot for Stacking Work Pieces
  • Industrial Robot for Stacking Work Pieces
  • Industrial Robot for Stacking Work Pieces
Product Name:

Industrial Robot for Stacking Work Pieces

Product features

Q series-precise linear guide-way with flat bed in blade row : Q5,Q7,Q5C,Q7C 

S series-precise linear guide-way with flat bed in blade row :  S36, S350


 with the features of high precision. high speed. high efficiency, is the ideal selection for substituting hard rail lathes and imported lathes.

* High precision: importing components from Japan and Taiwan through the advanced assembly and inspection technology, realizing the  precise turning with tolerance of  μ level.

* High speed: more than 5000RPM for spindle ,rapid traverse 20m/s, to reach the high speed machining. 

*High-efficiency: with the concept of technique innovation and application oriented, and sustainability improve the overall performance, to make the processing more efficiency.

* Stability: high quality requirement  and strict selecting for all the components, to make the machine performance more stable.

(Synchronous electric spindle)- the best selection for substituting the imported lathes.

* More precision: the complete Synchronous servo configuration for the spindle and the X/Z axis, makes the processing accuracy get a new break through.

* Higher speed: the superior Synchronous electric spindle make the spindle perform higher, faster, and more stable.

* More efficiency: the complete, Synchronous control for the core parts (all the axis),makes the processing efficiency better.


In this technical solution,we use one gantry loader  plus another tray device to  realize automatic processing  & picking woking  pieces. It is more suitable for disk type parts.

Industrial Robot for Stacking Work Pieces

Industrial Robot for Stacking Work Pieces

Product Parameter

Main parametersUNITQ5Q7Q7CS36S36CS350S36DS350D
CapabilityMax. swing diametermm245285285300300350300350
Max. turning diametermm240270270270270350270350
Max. turning lengthmm200300300330330420330420
Max. bar through-holemm21(25)26(35)26(35)26(35)26(35)4026(35)40
Axis StrokeX-axis travelmm250320320420420420330330
Z-axis travelmm200300300330330330420420
Rapid TraverseX/Z-axism/min2020202020202020
SpindleSpindle nose sizeN/AA2-4A2-5A2-4A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5A2-5
Spindle servo motor powerkW2.2/3.73.7/5.5 synchronous
electric spindle 3.7/5.5
3.7/5.53.7/5.5synchronous electric spindle5.5/7.53.7/5.55.5/7.5
Spindle speed rangerpm0~55000~50000~60000~50000~50000~45000~50000~4500
Work piece clamping methodN/A25 collet
4'   hydraulic
36 collet
(5'hydraulic chuck)
36 collet
(5' hydraulic
36 collet
(5'hydraulic chuck)
36 collet
(5'hydraulic chuck)
42 collet
36 collet
(5'hydraulic chuck)
6' hydraulic
chuck(42 collet)

No. of toolsNumber of toolsPCS5575553+83+8
ToolholderToolholder typeN/ADovetail row of knivesDovetail row of knivesDovetail row of knives; blade row+spindle headT-slot blade row+spindle headT-slot blade row+spindle headT-slot blade row+spindle headT-slot blade row+63turret+s pindle headT-slot blade row+63turret+spi ndle head
Toolholder center height in radialmm5050506262626262
Tool sizemm16*1616*1616*1620*2020*2020*20(25*25)20*2020*20(25*25)
Boring rod diametermm2525252525252525
AccuracyX\Z axis repeating postioning accuracymm0.0020.0020.0020.0020.0020.0020.0020.002
OthersCooling motor capacityL120120120120120120120120
hydraulic box capacityL6060606060606060
Required electric powerkVA7881212141515
Height from floor to spindle centermm≈1050≈1070≈1070≈1070≈1070≈1070≈1000≈1000
Overall size(L*W*H)mm1500*1250*16501650*1300*16501650*1300*16501850*1750*17501850*1750*17501850*1750*17501850*1750*17501850*1750*1750
Net weightkg≈1200≈1700≈1700≈2400≈2400≈2400≈2600≈2600
Standard configuration:Tool box, instruction book, operational manual, cooling system , lighting system, lubrication system, chips cleaner, hydraulic collet(chuck), foot switch
Optional configuration:  program control blowing function, precision C axis dividing, power spindle head , automatic door, loading and unloading system, industrial robotic,  automatic bar feeder, receiving device for bar materials, automatic detection system, automatic cutter radius compensation system, high-pressure cooling system


Lathe configuration list
              & SPEC.
1Operation systemSYNTEC /LNC TAIWAN1
2Servo motor/driveYASKAWA/FUJIJAPAN2
4Ball screw & linear guidewayPMI/HIWINTAIWAN2,4
5Spindle bearingsNTN P4JAPAN5
6Spindle structureIndependent spindle with front three bearings and two afterBY GONGTIE1
7Ball screw supporting methodDouble supporting with pre- stretching structureBY GONGTIE1
8Hollow hydraulic rotary428/536/646TAIWAN1
10Electric cabinet with heat exchangerNO. 5TAIWAN COMPONENTS1
11Low voltage electronicsSCHNEIDERFRENCH1
12Pneumatic componentSMC /CHELICJAPAN/TAIWAN
15Chips conveyor(For s-series)
Auto-loading/unloading system configuration
No.KitBrand&original countryQTY.
1Beam kitGONGTIE1 set
2Beam linear guide-wayTaiwan PMI /HIWIN1set
3Parallel handJAPAN SMC1set
4Rotary cylinderJAPAN SMC1set
5Air cylinderJAPAN SMC1set
6Sensor/Magnetic switchJAPAN SMC1set
7Gear wheel/rack(slant gear)Taiwan1set
8Rotatry Work-stocker systemGONGTIE1set
9Loading/unloading deviceGONGTIE1set
(mecha nical claws)
electrical system for gantry loader
1Servo motorInovance-china1set
2Servo systemInovance-china1set
3Controller system(PLC)Inovance-china1set
4Gear ReducerTaiwan1set

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