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Product Name:

Q Series-Precise Linear Guide-way with Flat Bed in Blade Row

Product features

Q series-precise linear guide-way with flat bed in blade row : Q5,Q7,Q5C,Q7C 

Q5 ,Q7, with the features of high precision. high speed. high efficiency, is the ideal selection for substituting hard rail lathes and imported lathes.

* High precision: importing components from Japan and Taiwan through the advanced assembly and inspection technology, realizing the  precise turning with tolerance of  μ level.

* High speed: more than 5000RPM for spindle ,rapid traverse 20m/min, to reach the high speed machining. 

* High-efficiency: with the concept of technique innovation and application oriented, and sustainability improve the overall performance, to make the processing more efficiency.

* Stability: high quality requirement  and strict selecting for all the components, to make the machine performance more stable.


Q5C,Q7C, (Synchronous electric spindle)- the best selection for substituting the imported lathes.

* More precision: the complete Synchronous servo configuration for the spindle and the X/Z axis, makes the processing accuracy get a new break through.

* Higher speed: the superior Synchronous electric spindle make the spindle perform higher, faster, and more stable.

* More efficiency: the complete, Synchronous control for the core parts (all the axis),makes the processing efficiency better.

Product Parameter

Main parametersUNITQ5Q7Q5CQ7C
CapabilityMax. swing diametermm400/98400/98400/98400/98
Max. turning lengthmm200300200300
Max. bar through-holemm20(25)26(35)20(25)26(35)
Axis StrokeX-axis travelmm280320280320
Z-axis travelmm240315240315
Rapid TraverseX/Z-axism/min20202020
SpindleSpindle nose sizeN/AA2-4A2-5A2-4A2-5
Spindle through hole diametermm35(37)4835(37)48
Spindle servo motor powerkW(asynchronous) 2.2/3.7(asynchronous) 3.7/5.5synchronous electric spindlesynchronous electric spindle
Spindle speed rangerpm0~50000~50000~60000~6000
Work piece clamping methodN/Ahomemade collethomemade collethomemade collethomemade collet
ToolholderNumber of toolsPCS5555
Toolholder typeN/ADovetail row of knivesDovetail row of knives Dovetail row of knives Dovetail row of knives
OPTT-slot blade row+live toolT-slot blade row+live toolT-slot blade row+live toolT-slot blade row+live tool
Toolholder center height in radialmm50505050
Tool sizemm16*1616*1616*1616*16
Boring rod diametermm25252525
AccuracyX\Z axis repeating postioning accuracymm0.0020.0020.0020.002
OthersCooling motor capacityL120120120120
hydraulic box capacityL60606060
Required electric powerkVA7878
Height from floor to spindle centermm≈1070≈1070≈1070≈1070
Overall size(L*W*H)mm1500*1250*16501650*1300*16501500*1250*16501650*1300*1650
Net weightkg≈1200≈1700≈1200≈1700
Standardtool box,instruction,manual,cooling system,lighting system,lubricating system
Optional collet,chuck,foot switch,programmable blowing function,precision C-axial division,living tool,auto door,loading & unloading system,industrial robot,auto bar feeder,parts catching device,chip conveyor, auto detecting system,auto tool compensation system,high pressure cooling system


Lathe configuration list
              & SPEC.
1Operation systemSYNTEC /LNC TAIWAN1
2Servo motor/driveYASKAWA/FUJIJAPAN2
4Ball screw & linear guidewayPMI/HIWINTAIWAN24
5Spindle bearingsNTN P4JAPAN5
6Spindle structureIndependent spindle with front three bearings and two afterBY GONGTIE1
7Ball screw supporting methodDouble supporting with pre- stretching structureBY GONGTIE1
8Hollow hydraulic rotary428/536/646TAIWAN1
10Electric cabinet with heat exchangerNO. 5TAIWAN COMPONENTS1
11Low voltage electronicsSCHNEIDERFRENCH1
12Pneumatic componentSMC /CHELICJAPAN/TAIWAN
15Chips conveyor(For s-series)
Auto-loading/unloading system configuration
No.KitBrand&original countryQTY.
1Beam kitGONGTIE1 set
2Beam linear guide-wayTaiwan PMI /HIWIN1set
3Parallel handJAPAN SMC1set
4Rotary cylinderJAPAN SMC1set
5Air cylinderJAPAN SMC1set
6Sensor/Magnetic switchJAPAN SMC1set
7Gear wheel/rackslant gearTaiwan1set
8Rotatry Work-stocker systemGONGTIE1set
9Loading/unloading deviceGONGTIE1set
(mecha nical claws)
electrical system for gantry loader
1Servo motorInovance-china1set
2Servo systemInovance-china1set
3Controller system(PLC)Inovance-china1set
4Gear ReducerTaiwan1set

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