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Advantages Of Hardware CNC Lathe Processing

Aug. 24, 2019

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Custom CNC Lathe

Custom CNC Lathe

The hardware CNC lathe processing user should choose the cutting speed according to the material to be processed, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed amount, depth of cut, etc. The most suitable processing conditions are selected based on these factors. Regular, stable wear and longevity is the ideal condition.

For high-efficiency metal cutting, the material to be processed, the cutting tool, and the cutting conditions are the three major factors. These determine the processing time, tool life and processing quality. The cost-effective processing method is necessarily a reasonable choice of cutting conditions. However, in actual operations, the choice of tool life is related to tool wear, machined dimensional changes, surface quality, cutting noise, and heat processing. When determining the processing conditions, it is necessary to study according to the actual situation. For difficult-to-machine materials such as stainless steel and heat-resistant alloys, a coolant or a rigid blade can be used.

The feed condition and the wear behind the tool are generated in a very small range. However, the feed rate is large, the cutting temperature is increased, and the rear wear is large. It has less influence on the tool than the cutting speed. The influence of the depth of cut on the tool is not the cutting speed. And the feed rate is large, but in the case of small depth cutting, the hardened layer of the material to be cut will also affect the life of the tool. The three elements of the cutting condition: cutting speed, feed rate and depth of cut directly cause damage to the tool. As the cutting speed increases, the tip temperature rises, causing mechanical, chemical, and thermal wear. The cutting speed is increased by 20% and the tool life is reduced by 1/2.

The CNC lathe machining center, referred to as CNC, is a high-efficiency automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system for machining complex-shaped work pieces. The machining center is also called computer. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine and has an automatic tool change function. It is a CNC machine tool that performs multi-step machining after the work piece is clamped once. The machining center is a highly mechatronic product. After the work piece is clamped, the CNC system can control the machine tool according to different conditions. Process automatic selection, tool change, automatic tool setting, automatic change of spindle speed, feed rate, etc., can continuously complete drilling, boring, milling, reaming, tapping and other processes, thus greatly reducing workpiece clamping time, measurement and Auxiliary process time such as machine tool adjustment has good economic effects on parts with complex machining shapes, high precision requirements, and frequent parts replacement.

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