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The Selection Method Of CNC Lathe Tool

Sep. 16, 2019

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Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

Slant Bed CNC Lathe Machine

Since CNC lathe machining is a high-precision work, and its machining process concentration and parts clamping times are small, it puts higher requirements on the CNC tools used. CNC Lathe Supplier would like to share with you.

When selecting a tool for CNC machine tools, the following aspects should be considered:

(1) The type, specification and accuracy grade of CNC tools should be able to meet the machining requirements of CNC lathes.

(2) High precision. In order to meet the requirements of high precision and automatic tool change in CNC lathe machining, the tool must have high precision.

(3) High reliability. It is necessary to ensure that the tool will not be accidentally damaged and potential defects in the CNC machining, which will affect the smooth progress of the machining. It is required that the tool and the accessories combined with it must have good reliability and strong adaptability. Precision metal processing

(4) High durability. CNC lathe machining tools, whether in roughing or finishing, should have higher durability than ordinary machine tools, in order to minimize the number of replacement or grinding tools and tooling, thus improving the processing of CNC machine tools. Efficiency and quality assurance.

(5) Good chip breaking and chip discharging performance. In CNC lathe machining, chip breaking and chip removal are not handled by manual processing in the same way as ordinary machine tools. Chips are easily wound around the tool and workpiece, which will damage the tool and scratch the machined surface, and even cause injury and equipment accidents. , affecting the processing quality and the safe operation of the machine tool, so the tool is required to have better chip breaking and chip removal performance.

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