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How to properly Clean the CNC Lathe with Cooling System?

Jun. 24, 2019

How to properly Clean the CNC Lathe With Cooling System? CNC equipment needs to be maintained for a certain period of time. How to maintain the CNC lathe with cooling system correctly? The following is explained in detail by CNC Lathe With Cooling System Supplier:

CNC Lathe With Cooling System Supplier

1. Observe the oil mark on the front of the water tank. When the cooling water is reduced, it should be replenished in time. Under normal circumstances, the water distribution around the main shaft should be at least so that the oil filter at the suction port of the cooling pump is completely out of the water.

2. When the cooling water is polluted, it should be replaced in time. Remove the screw plug under the water tank to release the waste liquid, and then clean the water tank and then add new and clean coolant.

3. The cooling water tank is divided into two chambers: the water tank and the pump box. The filter net is easy to be raised when cleaning, and the cleaning is very convenient. In addition, an oil filter is installed at the inlet of the cooling pump. The above two devices are used in the CNC lathe. Check and clean in time after time.

The cooling device of the CNC lathe is as important as the lubrication device. Good cooling can improve the machining quality of the work-piece and the life of the CNC machine parts. Under normal circumstances, the daily maintenance of the cooling device is mainly the supply and replacement of the coolant and the cleaning of the filter device.

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