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Why is the CNC Lathe Efficient?

Jul. 05, 2019

With the development of technology, the advantages of high-precision and high-precision CNC lathes are more prominent. There are data showing that the efficiency of CNC lathes is several times that of general-purpose machine tools. In some complicated machining of workpieces, CNC lathes are general-purpose machine tools. So why is the efficiency of CNC lathes higher than that of general lathes? Here is CNC Lathe Machine Exporter talking about the reasons.

CNC Lathe Machine Exporter

CNC Lathe Machine Exporter

1. Spindle speed and feed rate of CNC lathes. The spindle speed and feed range of CNC lathes are much larger than those of general-purpose machine tools. Because the optimum cutting amount is selected for each machining process, it is required that the lathe needs a powerful cutting with a large cutting amount, which saves a lot of maneuver time compared to the general machine tool, thereby increasing the efficiency.

2. Tool magazine and automatic tool changer for CNC lathes. The turret and the automatic tool changer realize a single clamping process to complete multiple machining processes, saving multiple clamping times, and saving time by multiple inspections, thus increasing efficiency.

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