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What Should We Do If There Is A Collision In The Cnc Machining Center?

Jun. 10, 2019

Here is Precision CNC Lathe Turning Center talking about What Should We Do If There Is A Collision In The Cnc Machining Center.

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The occurrence of a collision knife in the CNC machining center not only causes the tool to be scrapped, but the vibration generated by the collision knife may also adversely affect the machine tool itself, and may even lead to a decrease in the accuracy of the machine tool. So don't take the knife seriously. In the operation of the machine, if you can understand the cause of the knife, prevent it in advance and reduce the probability of the knife. The causes of machine tool collisions are broadly classified into the following categories.

Precision Cnc Lathe Turning Center

First, the program error

At present, the level of CNC is very high. Although the numerical control technology brings a lot of convenience to the operation of the machine tool, it also lurks some dangers, such as the knife event caused by the error in programming. There are several situations in which a knife is caused by a program error.

1. The parameter setting is wrong, resulting in a mistake in the process to produce a collision knife;

2. The programs single note error, resulting in a program input error occurred in the collision knife;

3. The program transmission error. Simply put, the program is re-entered or has been modified, but the machine still runs as it was, causing a knife strike.

Knife caused by procedural errors can be avoided in these aspects.

1. Check the program after the program is written to avoid parameter errors.

2. The program list is updated in time, and the corresponding check is checked.

3. Detailed data of the inspection program before processing, such as the time and date of programming, etc., to determine that the new program can be processed after normal operation.

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