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Do You Know The Characteristics Of Industrial Lathe Operation?

Sep. 20, 2019

Find here details of Industrial Lathes Machine on our website. Today we would like to talk about the characteristics of industrial lathe operation.

The machine tool is the basic production equipment of the machinery industry. The parts of the mechanical products are usually machined. The variety, quality and processing efficiency of the machine tool directly affect the production technology level of other mechanical products. Therefore, the modernization level and scale of the machine tool industry It is one of the important signs of a country's industrial development. The tree lathe that appeared in the 2,000 years before BC can be said to be the earliest prototype of the machine tool. In the 12th century and the second half of the 13th century, the original clock and the balance bell with the rope escapement appeared. It shows that the clock gear system has been further developed. The crank-link mechanism principle has been used for machinery during this period. Manual lathes have appeared in processing machinery. In the fifteenth century, due to the development of watchmaking, the development of mechanical technology was promoted, and threaded lathes and gear processing machines used by watchmakers appeared. The industrial revolution of the eighteenth century brought about the great development of the machinery industry. Since then, various automated machine tools have begun to develop and move toward precision.

CNC Lathe Slant Bed Design

CNC Lathe Slant Bed Design

Operating characteristics shared by CNC Lathe Turning Machine Manufacturer

First, the market is booming. The demand for higher-grade CNC machine tools is rising, and the demand for large-scale projects with complete sets of lines is also increasing.

Second, the manufacturing enterprises have increased rapidly, but the gap in scale, level and quality among enterprises is obvious. Although the supporting facilities are increasingly perfect, the high-level matching components are still mainly based on foreign countries.

Third, the total volume of imports and exports is still increasing, but there is no qualitative change in general. Although the situation of high-end failure and low-end melee has changed a lot, high-end finishing relies on imports, and low-end rough processing relies on domestic market mentality. There is no obvious change.

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