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How To Solve The Problem Of Precision Cnc Lathe Vibration?

Mar. 29, 2019

The Precision CNC Lathe Machine vibrates during the machining process, which will cause trembling on the surface of the workpiece, and the rework rate and scrap rate are high, accompanied by the knife-knife.

Below, we CNC Lathe With Vibration Pan Supplier talk about how to solve the problem of CNC lathe vibration.

Cnc Lathe With Vibration Pan Export

Precision CNC lathe vibration is generally divided into three types: free vibration, forced vibration, and self-excited vibration.

1. Free vibration

Free vibration is a vibration caused by an object being initially excited (usually a pulse). This kind of vibration relies on the initial excitation to obtain the vibration energy at one time, and the process is limited, and generally does not cause damage to the numerical control lathe. Therefore, the influence of free vibration on the numerical control lathe is generally not considered.

2. Forced vibration

The vibration generated by an object under the action of an external force that changes continuously is called forced vibration, such as vibration caused by imbalance or misalignment.

3. Self-excited vibration

Self-excited vibration is vibration caused by excitation caused by the system itself without external force. Self-excited vibration is a relatively dangerous vibration. Once the device is self-excited, it will cause the equipment to lose stability.

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