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Causes And Solutions For Forced Vibration Of Precision Cnc Lathes

Apr. 12, 2019

Here is CNC Lathe With Slant Bed Supplier, talking about Causes and solutions for forced vibration of precision CNC Lathes.

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Causes and solutions for forced vibration of precision CNC Lathes

Cnc Lathe With Detecting System Export

Main reason:

(1) The centrifugal force generated by the eccentricity of the rotating part mass;

(2) Transfer of part errors during the movement of the movement;

(3) Clearance characteristics during cutting.


(1) Reduce the exciting force. For precise balancing of the rotating parts, the motor rotor, pulley, and chuck are statically balanced to improve assembly accuracy.

(2) Improve the rigidity and damping of the processing system. Increased stiffness and system damping of the lathe system increases vibration resistance and reduces vibration.

(3) Adjust the natural frequency of the system to avoid resonance. When selecting the speed, keep the frequency of the rotating workpiece as far as possible from the natural frequency of the machine-related original, avoiding the resonance zone.

(4) Use a damper or damper. When the above method is ineffective, consider using a damper or a damper.

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