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Some Advantages of CNC Machine Tools

Jun. 27, 2019

Lathe Machine Company would like to share with you some advantages of CNC machine today. Please see the following points:

Lathe Machine Company

1. It can finish the machining of parts with complex profiles that are difficult to complete with ordinary machine tools or that cannot be processed at all. Therefore, CNC machine tools are first used in aviation, aerospace and other fields. In the processing of complex profiles, it has also been widely used in the processing of worm blades and propellers.

2. Using CNC machine tools, it can improve the machining accuracy of parts and stabilize the quality of products. Since the CNC machine is automatically machined according to a predetermined procedure, the machining process does not require manual drying. Moreover, the machining accuracy can also be corrected and compensated by software. Therefore, machining accuracy and repeatability higher than the accuracy of the machine tool itself can be obtained.

3. It can increase productivity. The use of CNC machine tools can increase production efficiency by 2 to 5 times than ordinary machine tools. Especially for the processing of some complex parts, the production efficiency can be increased by a factor of ten or even several.

4. It can achieve a multi-purpose machine. Some CNC machine tools, such as machining, turning centers, etc., can automatically change the tool. After the card is loaded, almost all the processing parts of the part can be processed, which can replace 5 to 7 ordinary machine tools.

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