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Introduction To Tool Compensation Instructions For Turning And Milling Machine Tools

May. 27, 2019

Here is Precision CNC Lathe With Lighting System supplier talking about Introduction to tool compensation instructions for turning and milling machine tools.

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The tool compensation functions of the turning and milling combined machining center and the turning and milling compound machine include tool compensation functions such as tool radius compensation, angle compensation, and length compensation. Now Pusen CNC introduces the tool compensation instructions for turning and milling machine tools.

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1. Tool radius compensation (G41, G42, and G40)

After the tool radius value is pre-stored in the memory (for the memory number), the tool radius compensation is executed, and the turning and milling machine tool numerical control system automatically calculates and automatically compensates the tool according to the calculation result. Tool radius left compensation (G41) means that the tool is biased to the left of the programmed machining path, and the tool radius right compensation (G42) refers to the tool to the right of the programmed machining path. Cancel the tool radius compensation with G40, or use D00 to cancel the tool radius compensation.

Note during use: When establishing or canceling the tool offset, the commands of G41, G42, G40 must be in the same section as the G00 or G01 command. That is, the G00, G42, G40 command must use the G00 or G01 command at the same time. Do not use G02 or G03 at the same time. When the tool radius compensation takes a negative value, the functions of G41 and G42 are interchanged.

The tool radius compensation has two compensation modes: B function and C function. Since the B function tool radius compensation is only calculated according to the program in this paragraph, the transition between the blocks cannot be solved, and the workpiece contour is required to be processed into a rounded transition, so the workability at the sharp corner of the workpiece is not good. C function tool radius compensation can automatically process two blocks. The tool center track can be programmed completely according to the workpiece contour. Therefore, modern CNC machine tools almost all use C function tool radius compensation.

2. Angle compensation (G39)

Mainly for the CNC system turning and milling machine with only the tool radius compensation B function. If the adjacent two straight lines (or arcs) of the programmed track are not tangent, an additional circular arc must be artificially created at the outer corner of the part. It is necessary to make up the block to achieve a sharp corner transition, otherwise over-travel may occur, resulting in machining errors. We can use the angle compensation (G39) to solve. Pusen CNC reminds that when using the angle compensation G39 command, it should be noted that this command is non-modal and valid only in the block of the command, and can only be used after the G41 and G42 commands.

3. Tool length compensation (G43, G44 and G49)

With the tool length compensation (G43, G44) command, the change in tool length can be compensated at any time without changing the program. The compensation amount is stored in the memory of the H code command. G43 indicates that the compensation amount in the memory is added to the end point coordinate value of the program command, G44 indicates the subtraction, and canceling the tool length offset can be performed by the G49 command or the H00 command.

The value of the compensation amount in the memory of the turning and milling machine can be pre-stored in the memory by MDI or DPL. It can also be set by G10 command. For example, the program segment "G10 H05 R16.0" means that the compensation amount is set to 16mm in the 05 memory.

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