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What You Need To Avoid In Precision Cnc Lathes?

With the development of the processing industry, more and more parts are processed using Precision CNC Lathe With Detecting System. This high-efficiency and high-precision equipment can process rotary parts such as shafts and disc sleeves, and can automatically complete the cutting process of inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, tapered surfaces, arcs, threads, etc. by program control, and perform grooving. , drilling, expansion, reaming, etc. 

The Precision CNC Lathe With Foot Switch is controlled by software. It can guarantee the key to the normal operation of the CNC machine. Once a certain parameter is lost or mistakenly changed, it is easy to make certain functions of the machine tool impossible or the system is chaotic or even paralyzed.

Precision Cnc Lathe With Foot Switch

1. Programming error: mainly the interpolation error generated by the numerical control system during NC programming, mainly due to the use of straight segments or arc segments to avoid the contour of the part. This is an important factor affecting the accuracy of part machining. It can be solved by increasing the number of interpolation nodes, but it will increase the programming workload.

2. Tool nose arc error: When cutting the inner hole, external cause or end face, the tool nose arc does not affect its size and shape, but it is overcut or less caused by the tool nose arc when machining the taper surface or arc. cut. This error can be eliminated by measuring the radius of the tool nose and using the tool radius compensation function.

3. Measurement error: It is mainly affected by the measurement accuracy of the measuring tool and the measuring method of the measuring device, resulting in inaccurately measured dimensions. This error can be compensated.

4. Tool setting error: This error mainly occurs during the tool setting process. When the tool moves to the starting point, it is affected by the operating system's feed adjustment ratio. The solution is to reasonably select the feed trim ratio, especially when the tool is close to the starting point, the minimum feed is used to make the tool accurately position at the starting point.

5. Machine system error: The geometrical tolerance caused by the influence of the machine tool body is generally not adjustable; the repeated positioning error generated by the servo unit and the driving device is mainly affected by the pulse equivalent size, uniformity and transmission route of the machine tool; These errors are small and stable and should be considered only for precision machining.

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