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Do You Know The Advantages Of Precision Cnc Lathes?

May. 14, 2019

As is known to all, as a manufacturing country, the utilization rate of Precision CNC Lathes is gradually increasing, developing towards networkization, developing towards drive parallelization, and developing towards standardization. Among them, Precision CNC Lathes are developed on ordinary machine tools. Speed and precision are two important indicators of Precision Cnc Lathes, which are directly related to processing efficiency and product quality. CNC technology is now inseparable for precision CNC lathes. The use of precision CNC lathes to complete the machining process is unmatched by ordinary machine tools:

Do You Know The Advantages Of Precision Cnc Lathes

1. Can greatly improve productivity. After the workpiece clamping is completed, the programmed machining program is input, and the machine will automatically complete the machining process. When the machining parts are changed, generally only the NC program needs to be changed, so the machining time is greatly shortened, and the productivity can be increased several times or more than the ordinary machine tool.

2. With high processing accuracy, product quality is very stable. Since it is automatically processed according to the program, the machining accuracy can also be corrected and compensated by software, so extremely high machining accuracy can be obtained. Now, the high, fine and sharp products in each enterprise are almost all processed by CNC machine tools.

3. The high degree of automation, greatly reduced the labor intensity, to a large extent dilute the difference between physical and mental work. The working process of the CNC machine tool operator has a high technical content, high requirements for the quality of the operators, and higher technical requirements for the maintenance personnel.

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