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What Should We Do If There Is A Problem With The CNC Machine Spindle?

Jul. 19, 2019

Automatic CNC Lathe Machine spindle has no inverter, the spindle does not rotate.

Automatic CNC Lathe Machine

Automatic CNC Lathe Machine

1. If it is suspected that the mechanical transmission is faulty, then we need to check whether the transmission belt is broken or whether the machine is in neutral;

2. If it is suspected that the three-phase power supply to the main shaft is out of phase or reversed, we need to check the power supply and exchange any two power lines;

3. If you suspect that the circuit is connected incorrectly, we need to carefully refer to the circuit connection manual to ensure that the connection is correct;

4. If the system does not have the corresponding spindle control signal output, we can use the multimeter to measure the system signal output. If there is no spindle control signal output, we need to replace the relevant IC components or directly return to the factory for repair;

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