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What Conditions Should Be Met For Normal Use Of Small Cnc Lathes?

Mar. 27, 2019

Here is Precision CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer talking about What conditions should be met for normal use of small CNC lathes. 

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In the operation process of small CNC lathes, it is necessary to withstand many unfavorable factors from the environment, operation, etc., causing or causing many failures. Therefore, routine maintenance and overhaul is a very important and indispensable part of production operation. The normal use of small CNC lathes must meet the following conditions.

1. Environmental requirements: The position of the small CNC lathe should be away from the vibration source, and the direct sunlight and heat radiation should be avoided to avoid the influence of moisture and airflow. If there is a vibration source near the machine tool, anti-vibration grooves should be placed around the machine. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the machine tool, which will make the electronic components contact poorly, cause malfunction, and affect the reliability of the machine tool.

2, power requirements: General small CNC lathe installed in the machine shop, not only the environmental temperature changes, the use of conditions, and a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment, resulting in large fluctuations in the power grid. Therefore, the location of the CNC lathe requires strict control of the power supply voltage. Power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the allowable range and remain relatively stable. Otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the CNC system.

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