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Maintenance of CNC Lathe

Jul. 03, 2019

Today Lathe Machine Company will share about the maintenance of CNC lathes. The main reason for machine maintenance is "cultivation", we usually should pay attention to the following points.

Lathe Machine Company

Lathe Machine Company

1. It is very important to start the daily attention to the change of the starting load of each axis of the machine. It is very important that the starting load changes abnormally, which means that the resistance of the moving pair or the transmission pair has changed, so it is necessary to stop the inspection. Otherwise, the length of time will be extremely damaging to the machine tool;

2. Pay attention to the normal consumption of lubricating oil. Too much or too little must be checked.

3. Understand the structure and transmission principle of the ball screw. It is clear which factors have a greater impact on the accuracy of the machine.

4. Understand the structure of the bearings at both ends of the machine screw and its influence on the precision of the machine.

5. Understand the lubrication system of the machine tool and clearly understand the distribution of each lubrication point.

6. Understand the cooling system of the machine tool: cutting (water, gas) cooling, spindle cooling, electric box cooling, etc.

After a certain period of operation, the CNC lathe needs to be maintained for a long time, which is more conducive to the extension of the service life of the machine.

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